Dawn of the Final Day

The Game Jam has finished and i got to distracted by various things too much, so the end product is not entirely complete as i wished. 

Having something made that's playable in general is more progress then i can say for the last game jam, but it doesn't excuse the fact that this is incomplete.

More planed features were to have a wide array of level parts that could form at random, sounds, and difficulty levels. And of course a victory after reaching a certain point. I may work more for myself  on it since I've pretty much have most of the componets to make the rest of the planed design.

Next time i will take mroe into concideration what comes up both in game an in life and try to make a more complete final product. And perferably work with a team


DTE Mac 16 MB
Jun 14, 2017
DTE Windows 12 MB
Jun 14, 2017

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